From the Isle of Man to worldwide

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This project commenced in 1984 with the publication of the book by Elizabeth A. Barlow and Joy McDougall of New Zealand, A Quota of Qualtroughs. The book, now out of production was copied to the web in the 1990s. Since then the family history charts and stories have been added to by different generations of Qualtroughs. The site has provided an aid to those researching Qualtrough Family History. The site allows for the exchange of information amongst the Qualtrough Family around the world and provides insight into the history and migration of the Qualtrough's to Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the United Kingdom and other countries.

The author’s grandparents Henry (Jack) Thomas Qualtrough and Elsie May Powell, on their wedding day, in Bendigo, Australia.

Malcolm Qualtrough, the Australian editor of the site makes all effort to provide copies of the family history charts to Qualtrough’s and their descendants. 

Many have provided amendments to the stories on the site, or shared their own articles, research, and snippets of history. New as of March 2020 are links to 3 separate family trees of Qualtroughs - go to the links on this page. Detailed assistance with research is very limited. 

Much  genealogy is based on research by ElizabethFeisst. Elizabeth has now been retired for a number of years. 

In July 2011 we added Field Notes on the history of the Isle of Man by John Karran Qualtrough, of Port St Mary (1940-2015). John was a lecturer in local history at the Isle of Man College. Much of his research is reflected throughout the web site. The editor is indebted to Elizabeth Feist, John Karran Qualtrough (deceased), and his wife Barb, for their hospitality, humour, friendship, goodwill; and assistance.

© Copyright by Malcolm Qualtrough, Elizabeth Feisst and the late John Karran Qualtrough.