Purposes of this Site

The Primary purpose of this site is to allow for the exchange of information amongst the Qualtrough Family. Secondly this web-site is to give an insight into the history and migration of the Qualtrough's to both Australia and New Zealand from the 1850s to the present.


Henry (Jack) Qualtrough and Elsie Powell, on their wedding day, Bendigo, Australia.

Thirdly, this site also incorporates the genealogy and family history of Qualtroughs worldwide, as it is known that members of the Family emigrated to other parts of the world, including United Kingdom, Canada and United States of America.

It also uses a complete copy of the book by Elizabeth A. Barlow and Joy McDougall, A Quota of Qualtroughs, published 1984. The site should provide an aid to those researching the Qualtrough Family History

In July 2011 we have added Field Notes on the history of the Isle of Man by John Karran Qualtrough who is a lecturer in local history at the Isle of Man College.

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