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Descendants of Rev Joseph Qualtrough and Agnes McCullock
- James Qualtrough and Lydia Howe (Thorburn)

See 4 Generation Chart of Descendents (pdf File 12kb)

The greatest majority of today's descendants in Australia owe their presence to James Qualtrough age 24 from the Isle of Man, who left Liverpool on 25th Feb 1854, and arrived in Melbourne on July 13 1854, on the JAMES CARSON - 1853

  • Master: Captain J. Rainey
  • Rigging: Ship; sheathed in yellow metal in 1851; partly fastened with iron bolts
  • Tonnage: 1,134 tons using old measurements and 1,189 tons using new measurements
  • Construction: 1851 in Québec
  • Owners: Dunn & Sons Port of registry: Belfast Port of survey: Liverpool Voyage: sailed for Australia

Eleventh in line of Joseph & Agnes' children James Qualtrough, was baptised 16 January 1832 at Lonan. James attended King Williams College leaving in 1848.

Like his brothers, James went to Melbourne and took up land at Diamond Creek, north of the colonial capital. He met and married a widow Lydia Thorburn (nee Howe) who already had 2 children by her first marriage. James and Lydia had 2 daughters prior to their marriage in 1863 then proceeded to have six more children. There are many descendants of James and Lydia living in Victoria,

James, who was originally a Minister of Religion, lived in Collingwood. He eventually married Lydia Howe-Thorburn, born 1832 in Cambridge, Cambs., England.

They settled in Wattle Glen where they worked as orchardists and market gardeners.

Lydia had first been married to Alexander Thorburn on the 5th of March 1849 at St James Church in Melbourne. and they had three children, William, Agnes and James. They may also have had another child, Jane who died in 1853 Three of Agnes's daughters had the middle name Jane as well.

See also Lydia's Death

In 1854 Alexander Thorburn died, and presumably Lydia went to live with James Qualtrough in 1859. Lydia later married James Qualtrough at St Marks, Fitzroy on the 5th of July 1863. They were both living in East Collingwood at this time. On the Marriage Certificate it also states that her husband had died on the 9th of March 1854 and that she was a widow. They then had eight more children.

MARY QUALTROUGH, b. 1859, Victoria, Australia.

EMMA QUALTROUGH, b. 1862, Victoria, Australia.

AMELIA QUALTROUGH, b. 7 October 1863, Diamond Creek, Vic, Australia.

HENRY QUALTROUGH, b. 1864, Diamond Creek, Vic, Australia; d. 1943.

FRANCES EMILY QUALTROUGH, b. 1866, Diamond Creek, Vic, Australia; d. 1934, Collingwood,Melbourne, Vic Australia.

EDWARD JAMES QUALTROUGH, b. 1868, Diamond Creek, Vic,Australia; d. 1932, Nillumbik, Vic, Australia.

ALICE JANE QUALTROUGH, b. 23 November 1869, Diamond Creek, Vic,Australia; d. 1901, Narrandera, NSW, Australia.

LYDIA QUALTROUGH, b. 8 December 1872, Diamond Creek, Vic,Australia.

The Melbourne Argus Newspaper on 11th February 1893 reported that:

James lost everything in a fire that raged through Diamond Creek in February 1893

"A drive through the Upper Diamond Creek district revealed some very sad spectacles.

The house of James Qualtrough, a man who is incapacitated from work, was destroyed.
The fire crossed the road from the north, rushed along an acacia hedge, burned the pigsty and roasted a pig. Then it attacked the house and devoured it in a very short time.

Mr. Edward Qualtrough's house, which is situated in the next paddock, escaped, though the grass was burned all around it, and not more than a stone's throw distant a cottage owned by Mr. Evans also escaped, though the fire raged about it."

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