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Descendants of Rev Joseph Qualtrough and Agnes McCullock 
- Thomas Alpheus Qualtrough 1828-1910

See 4 Generation Chart of Descendents (pdf File 7kb)

Ninth in line of the children of Joseph and Agnes was Thomas Alphons (or Alpheus) Qualtrough, baptised 14 September 1829 in Lonan, although it is believed he was born in 1827.

Thomas emigrated to Australia in the early 1850s perhaps following his other brothers. A 24 year old 'Thos Qualtrough' arrived in 1853 on board the 'Tasmania' with his brother Edward and a few days after Alexander, and then went on to Melbourne by coastal boat.

Thomas met and married Sarah Podmore in 1863 and they farmed land in Diamond Creek, north of Melbourne where his brothers Edward and James also farmed.

Thomas and Sarah had six children, most of whom died in childhood. The second eldest, Isabella Louisa (known as Lucy), born 1866, married William Johnson and they had seven children, descendants of whom still live in Melbourne to this day. Thomas Alphons (or Alpheus or Alfred… take your pick!) died at Diamond Creek in August 1910.

Generation No. 1

THOMAS ALPHONS QUALTROUGH was born 14 September 1829 in Lonan, Isle of Man, and died 12 August 1910 in Diamond Creek, Victoria, Australia. He married SARAH PODMORE 1863 in Victoria, Australia, daughter of GEORGE PODMORE and ISABELLA HOLMES. She was born 1850, and died 1897 in Diamond Creek Victoria, Australia.


AMELIA ISABELLA QUALTROUGH, b. 1864, Greensborough, Vic, Australia; d. 1894, Randwick, NSW, Australia; m. FREDERICK S ROBSON, 1884, Sydney, NSW, Australia.

ISABELLA LOUISA QUALTROUGH, b. 1866, Kangaroo Ground, Victoria, Australia; d. 1903, Hotham West, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

ALEXANDER EDWARD QUALTROUGH, b. 1869, Greensborough, Vic, Australia.

GEORGE WILLIAM QUALTROUGH, b. 1871, Diamond Creek, Vic, Australia; d. 1874, Victoria, Australia.

ADA ELIZABETH QUALTROUGH, b. 1873, Richmond, Vic, Australia; d. 1878, Richmond, Vic, Australia.

ALICE MAUDE QUALTROUGH, b. 1880, Richmond, Vic, Australia; d. 1880, Victoria, Australia.

Generation No. 2

LOUISA QUALTROUGH was born 1866 in Kangaroo Ground, Victoria, Australia, and died 1903 in Hotham West, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. She married WILLIAM JOHNSON 1884 in Victoria, Australia.


WILLIAM GEORGE FREDERICK JOHNSON, b. 1885, Hotham, Melbourne,Victoria, Australia.

SARAH AMELIA JOHNSON, b. 1887, Hotham,Melbourne Victoria, Australia; d. 1926, Melbourne South, Victoria, Australia; m. FRANK ROUT, 1906, North Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

ALFRED JOHNSON, b. 1889, Hotham West, Victoria, Australia; d. 1946, North Melbourne, Melbourne, Victoria, Austrlaia.

RICHARD ALEXANDER JOHNSON, b. 1891, Hotham West, Victoria, Australia; d. 1922, Carlton, Victoria, Australia.

GEORGE VICTOR JOHNSON, b. 1893, Hotham West, Victoria, Australia; d. 1947, Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia.

LUCY JOHNSON, b. 1896, Hotham West, Victoria, Australia; d. 1935, Newmarket, Victoria, Australia.

JAMES JOHNSON, b. 1898, Hotham West, Victoria, Australia.

Generation No. 3

LUCY JOHNSON was born 1896 in Hotham West, Victoria, Australia, and died 1935 in Newmarket, Victoria, Australia. She married CHRISTOPHER WILLIAM HAINES 1916 in Melbourne, Victoria, Austrlaia.


CHRISTOPHER WILLIAM7 HAINES, b. 1917, Melbourne West, Victoria, Australia.

AMELIA LUCY HAINES, b. 1918, Carlton, Victoria, Australia.

FRANCIS JAMES HAINES, b. 1920, Flemington, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

AUDREY HAINES, b. Abt. 1925, Melbourne, Victoria, Austrlaia.

MAVIS HAINES, b. Abt. 1927, Melbourne, Victoria, Austrlalia.

Descendants of Rev Joseph Qualtrough and Agnes McCullock 
- Edward Herbert Qualtrough 1829-1894

The tenth child was Edward Herbert Qualtrough who was baptised in Lonan on 27 December 1829 but who never married. He emigrated to Melbourne via Adelaide and owned land at Diamond Creek, like his brothers Thomas & James. His death certificate describes him as "a miner" From Victorian death records the following is given on Edward:

Deaths in the District of Diamond in the Colony of Victoria
Entry #5599:

Date & Place of Death: 22 May 1894 Diamond Creek, Shire of Eltham, County of Evelyn
Name: Edward Herbert Qualtrough, Occ Miner.
Sex & Age: Male aged 67 yrs,35 wks,5days
Cause of death: Asthma, severe cold and debility for 14 days. No medical attendant Death reported to coroner.
Parents: Joseph Qualtrough Chemist {sic}, Agnes Qualtrough, nee McColack
Informant: James Qualtrough, brother of Diamond Creek
Registered: 24 May 1894 at Diamond
Buried: 24 May 1894 at Nilumbik Cemetery, Nilumbik, Minister: Rev A Felham{?} Church of England
Born: Isle of Man
Emigrated : 45 years in Victoria.

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