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Descendants of Rev Joseph Qualtrough and Agnes McCullock 
- Alice Jane Qualtrough (Monton)

See Chart 51 pdf - Descendants of Alice Jane Qualtrough of Wattle Glen, Victoria, Australia (see also chart 22 and 51 - Alice is a Grand-daughter of Joseph Qualtrough and Agnes McCullough)


Henry Thomas (Jack) 2nd from left, and Daughter Nina, Grandson Rodney, , Grandson Philip, Wife Elsie Qualtrough (Powell), Daughter in Law Phyllis and her son Neil, Son Bob, Daughter Margaret Nov 1943 at home in Bendigo Australia

ALICE JANE QUALTROUGH was born 23 November 1869 in Bairnsdale, Vic,Australia, and died 2nd October 1901 in Gillenbah just out of Narrandera, NSW, Australia. She met (1) UNKNOWN. She married (2) JOSEPH LEONARD MONTON in 1900 in Narrandera, New South Wales, Australia, son of CHARLES MONTON and MARY UNKNOWN. He died 1937 in Narrandera, NSW, Australia.


HENRY (JOHN) THOMAS QUALTROUGH, b. 5 April 1888, Carlton, Vic, Australia; d. 1971, Bendigo, Vic, Australia.


FLORENCE QUALTROUGH, b. 1899, New South Wales, Australia; d. 1899, New South Wales, Australia.

ALBERT A MONTON, b. 1900, New South Wales, Australia.; m. ELLEN BOWMAN, 1935, Hillston, NSW, Australia.

At 16 years of age, Alice was mentioned in the following article from the Evelyn Observer Newspaper Friday 11 December 1885:

At the Eltham Police Court on Thursday week last four little girls, named Sarah and Jane May, and Alice and Lydia Qualtrough, the youngest of the lot being, apparently 6 years of age, were charged with assaulting an old man Henry Griffins.

The parties all reside on the Watery Gully, and from the statement of the complainant, it appeared that he met the children on the road to school when they joined hands and jostled him intoa ditch, after which they jeered at him.

This statement was repeated almost verbatim by was another little girl, an adopted child of Griffins.

The defendants point-blank denied the charge, alleging that it was Griffin who assaulted them, their statements also agreeing word for word; and causing the bench to inquire who had taught them their lesson, which seemed to have learnt so well. The case was dismissed with a caution to the children, that if a similar charged were proved against them they would be severely dealt with.

Little more is known about Alice, and it is not known by the family if she was married when she was 19 she and had a son Henry Thomas (Jack), also nephew to Henry, on the 5th April 1888.

Alice is not heard of again until 12 years later when she married Joseph Monton in New South Wales in 1900. They had a son Albert A. Monton, born the same year. Two years earlier a daughter Florence was born in Narrandera NSW. Florence later died aged 11months.

Alice died of 3rd degree burns at Gillendah and is buried in the Church of England Cemetary at Narrandera. Her Death Certificate states that she was born a Bairnsdale in Victoria. This makes sense as her Sister Amelia McMurtrie ran a boarding house at Bullumwal near Bairnsdale.

Alice's Death Certiicate (JPEG)

Alice's Death Certificate (pdf)

Alice obviously left home soon after the birth of Henry because by the time he was ten years old it was known that he lived with his Grandparents, James and Lydia: and on their death, with Henry (Harry and Emily)

Descendants of Rev Joseph Qualtrough and Agnes McCullock 
- Lydia Qualtrough (Davies)

LYDIA QUALTROUGH was born 8 December 1872 in Diamond Creek, Vic,Australia. She married HENRY DAVIES 1893 in Diamond Creek, Vic, Australia.


CLAUDE DAVIES, b. 1905, Lockhart, NSW, Australia, married but no children.

HENRY DAVIES, b. 1901, Lockhart, NSW, Australia, married with two or three children.

HILDA DAVIES, married but no children.

ISABEL DAVIES, b. 1896, Jerilderie, NSW, Australia. Settled in Leeton and had had two children.

FLORENCE DAVIES, b. 1894, Jerilderie, NSW, Australia.

The below information was provided by Cathie Dalliwall (Lewisham NSW) in July 2010

Lydia Qualtrough and Henry Davies moved to Lockhart, NSW after they were married (they are both buried there also). Cathie believes they were from Rutherglen and that Henry perhaps was from South Australia originally.

Henry Davies was a very valuable pioneer of the town and Cathie also believes the town is currently considering naming a street after him.

Cathie does not know of the child Florence, and feels she was the baby that her mother mentioned as having died in infancy from whooping cough. However, Claude, Harry, Hilda and Isabel were Cathie's adopted aunts and uncles as her mother, Irene, was also brought up as a child of that family, having been adopted in 1927 by Henry and Lydia at age 5 – she was born in 1922 and registered as "father unknown".

Claude and Hilda both married, but had no children.  Isabel settled in Leeton and had had two children and Henry married and had two or three children as well.

Lydia was always know to her family as "Mater" which is Latin for "Mother".  Cathie has often wondered why she chose this title as mother and grandmother (her husband also called her Mater) - is this a term which has been used in her family over the years – we wonder if her mother was also called "Mater".

Descendants of Rev Joseph Qualtrough and Agnes McCullock 
- Land at Wattle Glen

Melways Reference: Map 12, J4

Roughly the land owned by the Qualtroughs at Wattle Glen was bounded by the Watery Gully Creek, Valley Road, Thorns Road and Watery Gully Road. The land along Thorns Road about 30 acres was owned by J. Evans. From Crown Land Central Mapping it is known that the land was part of section XX and was taken under a land grant on the 30th June 1902 by Henry, Administrator of Lydia and is No. 21; Areas 22 and 23 being taken by Edward James and Elizabeth.

Coming from Wattle Glen and crossing the bridge into Valley Road, James and Lydia would have lived on the Right hand side opposite W.H.Mills; further up the hill on the right you would have come to Edward James and Elizabeth's.

Edward James and Elizabeths property continued across to Evan's boundary and then down to Watery Gully Road backing onto James and Lydia's.

Edward and Harry also both had 5 acre blocks (approx.) Lots 16A and 10B over the creek along the Wattle Glen - Kangaroo Ground Road, opposite the bridge.

An earlier map shows 'Qualtrough's Hut', just near the Lower (S.W.) Corner of W.H. Mill's Lot 20. At this time Lots 21, 22 and 23 were vacant land.

Click here to view the map.

In 1987 the land along Watery Gully looked quite healthy: but as you go further up above the creek onto the ridge, the land deteriorated rapidly and was quite hard and rocky.

Today it would be difficult to visualize as the area is built up and part of Greater Melbourne.

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